Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Ark Encounter Road Trip Day Four

Today was our day to visit the Creation Museum near Petersburg, KY, just off I-71.  After breakfast at  a Cracker Barrel, we arrived at the museum and four of us rented scooters.

The Creation Museum

My camera kept failing to operate, even after changing batteries so I didn't get many photos.  The walkway was rather narrow and it was dark.

We didn't realize that the whole time we were going through the museum it was on two floors and we had been winding our way down to the first floor, having started the tour on the second floor.  We ended up with a choice of climbing up about twenty steps, leaving the scooters behind, or getting on the elevator.  Pat went first and rammed the wall to the right of the elevator door not realizing it was really only big enough for four or five people or one scooter.  I tried to get my scooter straightened out after entering and realizing I couldn't reach the controls without moving the scooter away and standing but before I could, the doors reopened on the floor I was trying to leave.  Twice.  Doris was smart enough to enter backwards so that she would be able to immediately exit on the upper floor.

We toured the gardens and this was about the only bush in bloom.  Most of the paths said "foot traffic only" so we returned the scooters and left for the house.  As this was our last day, we ate our leftovers.   The trip home was uneventful going straight down I-75.  We spent the night in a house in Marietta, GA, and we had dinner at a Longhorn to celebrate a great trip.

The last day on the road, we took a break and visited a wonderful bookstore in an old shopping center south of Perry where most books were 50 cents.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Ark Encounter Road Trip Day 3

As the Ark Encounter was about 30 miles south of Cincinnati, we left to meet our friend, Anita, and her daughter who was bringing her two little ones.  They were delayed by heavy traffic so we had plenty of time to have breakfast at a Hardee's.

We found The Ark Encounter very easily as it is just off I-75 outside Williamstown, KY.

The shuttle bus from the parking lot/welcome center where we paid for parking and got our wrist bands.

This ark is massive!!!  Two of us got scooters (I wish I had!)

This is the group pavillion and next door are the restrooms

Had to stop for a cup of coffee because it was kinda chilly and damp.

It is a long walk to the other end...we entered at that end (not that long ramp!)

Fortunately for us, the crowds had not yet arrived, so we went right in.

The ramps inside the building ran almost the entire length then switched back almost the entire length. There are only three floors but it felt like ten miles by day's end.

The first things you see as you enter the actual Ark.

All of the above are the cages and food supplies.

Trying to take a photo of items in the glass displays was a challenge!  The glass reflected the flash.
My camera kept dying on me so I didn't get all the photos I wanted.

Looking up

This is how they must have cared for all those creatures while on board.

If you look closely, you can see the light cross on the door to the Ark.

This was a large exhibit about the fallacy of so many stories and versions of Noah's Ark.

The long ramp.

My photos got scrambled when I loaded them to the  computer.  This should have been at the beginning at the entrance to the Ark.

There are several topiaries in front of the  Ark

About 2 p.m., we enjoyed a late lunch buffet in the park's restaurant.  Plenty of food, desserts, coffee with several choices of creamers.  We were all stuffed for about $11 each.  Then it was back to the gift shop where I missed the postcards (found out later they were behind the exit door around the corner from the checkout).

After saying goodbye to Anita and her family, we headed back to the house to rest up for dinner.  And I had a long soak in that antique tub.  The others took showers.  Then we played Canasta til 11 p.m.